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Please note – This page still hasn’t been updated for the 2017 elections!

I’m a candidate for the municipal council elections in Jyväskylä because our common problems need common solution. I have a strong track record for standing up those who need help and at being and effective and productive public servant.  I’ve been an active member of over a dozen community organizations from all walks of life. In 2011 I had the honor of being elected the chairman for the Student Union for the University of Jyväskylä. During my tenure at the Student Union I championed or came up with several significant reforms, including the idea of an awareness raising campaing for student’s right, establishing an environmental council for the university as well as a the idea of developmental aid (kehy) lunches as a way of engaging more students and gathering more money for developmental aid in India in a easy-to-participate kind of way.

My slogan for the elections is ”Less talk – more action!” which reflects my pragmatic take on politics. Council members shouldn’t just ”talk the talk” but also ”walk the walk” – that is roll up their sleeves and work hard for practical solutions and new ideas for the benefit for the community. I’m not here to gather fame, or build a political career. I’m here to solve real-world problems people face in their everyday lives. To loosely quote the American congressman Barney Frank:

”Understand that the more deeply you hold your ideals, the more you are morally obligated to be pragmatic. Ideals never fed a hungry kid, they never cleaned up a polluted river, they never built a road that got people anywhere. Idealism without pragmatism is just a way to flatter your ego.”

My themes for this election are:

  1. A strong community has strong basic services, like health care, schools and libraries. No more speding cuts on basic services!
  2. Stop the debt! The City of Jyväskylä is currently knee deep in debt. This has to stop. I’ve advocated several initiatives that would save the city hundreds of thousands of euros per year, e.g. by introducing Linux-computers in schools, – as well as cutting the fees for council members and other representatives by 25 percent.
  3. Fix the public transportation system! The solution isn’t to throw more money in the coffers of Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy, but to reform the system.

I apologize for not having translated everything on this site into English. The elections in general as well as my studies are keeping me busy, but I hope to have more content here in English at some point in the future. Feel free comment if you want to know more, or there are texts you would especially like to see translated into English.


Not sure if you’re eligible to vote? Check out this chart. Again, feel free to comment I’ll help out however I can:

(Original source: City of Helsinki, edited)